You like the best-possible vision, to be safe in traffic?
Baldinger Optics offers you all benefits of modern ZEISS technology for glasses, to use your full sight potential.

In addition to ZEISS DriveSafe, from Baldinger Optics you get:
+ ZEISS i.Scription
+ ZEISS Individual
+ Baldinger Optics Individual Perspective Check
+ you individual adjustments (as far as technically possible).

You choose the features of your lenses.

ZEISS DriveSafe
ZEISS Luminance Design™ is an optimized lens design, that considers the pupil size in bad lighting conditions
the ZEISS Dura Vision® DriveSafe lens coating reduces glare.

ZEISS i.Scription
Baldinger Optics uses the newest ZEISS i.Profiler, which uses the wave front measurement technology, to determine your eye correction and the presence of significant irregularities
In case of significant irregularities, Baldinger Optics uses the ZEISS Server directly, to analyze, if the ZEISS I.Scription technology in glasses is able to improve your vision. Significant irregularities usually influence your vision during night, when your pupils are bigger. Common lenses could reduce the clarity of your vision and you could be blinded by glare, due to increased light diffusion.

ZEISS Individual
With ZEISS Individual we provide the optical equivalent of a custom-made suit for you. The ZEISS RVT device is used to analyze, how your wear your glasses. It is very important to carefully adjust the glasses to your needs, before performing this analysis and measuring the centering and how your glasses are positioned before your eyes. Among the measurements are:

  •     Distance of the pupils
  •     Vertical point of perception
  •     Distance between lens and eye-make
  •     Angle of the glasses or respectively the angle of your individual line of vision vs. the vertical lens
  •     Angle of the glasses vs. line of vision from top view
  •     Reading distance (for progressive lens glasses)
  •     Curvature of the front of the glasses

Based on all measurements, the best lenses are determined and individually created for you.
This way vision and light diffusion are improved in comparison to common glasses.

Baldinger Optics Individual Perspective Check
Often the posture between driving and free stand is different. Usually, the centering is measured in free stand and deviates while driving a vehicle.
Often drivers put their backrest further back. This can result in significant deviation of the perspective through the lens. In this case the calculation for the optics and the lens are off. That in turn leads to poor vision.
This is why Baldinger Optics offers a self-developed perspective check, to consider the according calculations for the lenses.

Individual Adjustments
The default solution is not always the best solution for everybody. That is why we discuss your medical history in advance and create an individual vision profile, which reveals your personal optical needs. During creation of the Relaxbrille drive we consider your individual needs as far as technically possible.

For my eyes only the best: RELAXGLASSES